Consent orders $799

We wrill write your consent orders for property settlement, ready for signing and filing with the court.

Filing in the court for you $299

Add in this option if you would like us to file the consent orders with the court on your behalf.

Parenting Plan $199

Add in this option if you would like to include a Parenting Plan.


Super split $399

Add in this option to split your, or your ex’s, superannuation with the consent orders.

Property transfer $1,299-$1,499

Add in this option if you would like us to be your conveyancer and transfer a property with the consent orders:

QLD $1,299



Justine has been so incredibly amazing in helping us draft a consent order and file it with the courts. Not only is she super helpful and knowledgable when it comes to settlements, but she works with lightning speed to get everything done ASAP. Also the process is so streamlined and simple, with everything wrapped up within 2 weeks (not to mention cost effective). I can’t recommend her enough!