Consent orders $799

We wrill write your consent orders for property settlement, ready for signing and filing with the court.

Filing in the court for you $299

Add in this option if you would like us to file the consent orders with the court on your behalf.

Parenting Plan $199

Add in this option if you would like to include a Parenting Plan.


Super split $399

Add in this option to split your, or your ex’s, superannuation with the consent orders.

Property transfer $1,299-$1,499

Add in this option if you would like us to be your conveyancer and transfer a property with the consent orders:

QLD $1,299



I highly recommend FairShare Solutions. Justine was extremely proficient, professional, highly responsive and knowledgeable. She made the process easy to navigate. In a time that for me was already emotionally, mentally and financially stressful it was a relief to have been guided by her through the process. Thank you again Justine you have been truly amazing.